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Portal Pages - how to

on Sat May 27, 2017 10:14 pm
Modules - Portal Management

Show the Portal (YES)

Space between widgets - I have 6 for both

1) Create a new page - Add Title and click Create

Click Structure to go in and start using and creating widgets.

When you first go into a newly created page you will find widgets already on there.

Click to remove them all and SAVE.

2) Decide if you are going to have 1, 2 or 3 columns of widgets.

You can have a combination of 1 + 2 or 1 + 3

If you are going to just have one then you don't need to set the column widths. If you are likely to have 2 or 3, then set the column widths.

If you want 2 and not 3 then set one of the side widths to 0% and then figure out what widths you want the other 2.

To have only one column you will simply drag a widget right to the top above where you put the widgets in columns.

3) Click "Create Widget"

4) Widget Name shows on the outside for you to recognise the tag - Widget Title will show as a header for the title if you choose "use table type".

For my webpages I am saying NO to a table.

Table puts the box in a box as in the sidebar - No table puts the text or images directly on the page.

5) Now just add any text for the time being.


Back on the next page you will then have to go and pick up your custom box.

1) Click on "Personal Widgets" - find yours and grab it and drag it up to whichever column you want it in.


2) Go back into edit it as you want.

Click the preview link to get a preview of the page up. You can keep refreshing that page as you make changes.
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